Calycanthus occidentalis

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We’re now on Facebook, allowing us to communicate more often whenever we want. Sacramento California Native Garden Club Page Sacramento Valley California Native Plant Club (group) We can use the group to keep in touch, and the page to communicate ideas to the general public. We can already to that here, but if you already…

Salvia 'Pozo Blue'

Grey Musk Sage

Pozo Blue Hybrid¬†Musk Sage (Salvia ‘Pozo Blue’). Evergreen shrub. Hummingbirds and carpenter bees love these plants. The hummingbirds arrive early in the morning before the bees are up, then move on to other flowers during the day. The foliage is as the name suggests – pungent. Water very sparingly in summer, if at all. These…

Clarkia amoena

Farewell to Spring

Farewell to Spring (Clarkia amoena). Annual. These flowers, along with California poppies, have the best recurrence. They reseed prolifically to reappear every year as long as the soil in their plot does not get overgrown by weeds. No summer water, but by then these plants have set seed and died.

Elderberry Farms Flowers

All these plants were in full bloom at the Elderberry Farms Native Plant Nursery on May 4, 2016. Demonstration Garden: a nice display of Spring Flowers from a lot of volunteers, who are always there on Wednesday mornings.