Grey Musk Sage

Pozo Blue Hybrid Musk Sage (Salvia ‘Pozo Blue’). Evergreen shrub.

Hummingbirds and carpenter bees love these plants. The hummingbirds arrive early in the morning before the bees are up, then move on to other flowers during the day.

The foliage is as the name suggests – pungent.

Water very sparingly in summer, if at all. These plants need summer dormancy if you want them to live a long life in your garden. Yes, they’ll look abused but it’s what they get in nature.

They get about 3 feet tall and tend to spread in a mounding shape wider than their height.


If you plant them with Lonicera hispidula, the honeysuckle will casually twine around the sage, for an improved hummingbird dining experience.


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